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        Selena’s New Starting Point 賽琳娜的新起點

        Source: 恒星英語學習網    2021-05-13  我要投稿   論壇   Favorite  

        Selena Gomez, a famous and popular singer and actress in America started her new life recently. She became thinner and looked perfect when she showed in the public place. The media always criticized her for she looked fat now and then. Now Selena puts her attention on the music and she does it well.

        Most people get familiar with this sweet girl from the pop canadian singer Justin Bieber. They had been together for a long time. They were believed to be the perfect couple and caught the media’s attention all the time. After they seperated and got back together for many times, finally, Selena decided to be single and focused on her music career.

        It is known to all that Selena at first is an actress, she played many roles in the Disneyland movies, which helped her won many teenager fans. But Selena has gift in music and she also has the unique voice. So she began to focus on her music and she made great success. Today, her music is favored by people from all over the world.

        Selena is a very talented girl and she also has a very successful career.

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